Eye catching headline here

i.e. Worst case scenario VS. What could be or a push headline like “You Can Achieve Anything That You Put Your Mind To”

3 x rule of threes – Example:
* You want to lose weight, feel great and look hot in your skinny jeans again?
* You want to walk into a store, buy anything you like without having to try it on because you know that it’s going to fit like a glove?
* And, you want to cook healthy tasty meals that the whole family will love instead of preparing five different dishes or trying to satisfy everyones tastes.

Hi! Im Joey  ☺️

Right now, that’s just not your reality

Address where the client actually is right now, the juxtaposition really drives home the difference between where they want to be, and what they have.

i.e. “Because right now you’re struggling. You’re trying to please everyone else at meal times, and you’re hardly ever pleasing yourself. Your family turns their noses up at the food you eat, refuse to try it and won’t go within nine yards of a green smoothie”

Explain who you work with and the outcomes that you help deliver.

* Get over their excuses and learn to write copy that will make them money
* Increase their visibility online by writing copy that tactically converts passersby into brand new subscribers
* Learn to write copy that influences, persuades and sells their programmes
* Say goodbye to procrastination, excessive deletion and writers’ block
* And look at their website and feel proud as punch and think, fuck I wrote that.


Write a single sentence that summarises what you believe to be true in the context of your work.

Explain the outcomes your client can achieve with the product or service you offer.

Now, it’s your job to reassure them that you’re the person that is going to help them out and that you can get them the results that they want the most.

Fill in below what you do, how you do it, give a preview of the feelings and emotional journey your ideal client will have

Fill in outcomes, the specific transformation they will experience

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